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Water-injected Screw Compressors – Now the Most Sensible Oil-free Option

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Water-injected Screw Compressors – Now the Most Sensible Oil-free Option

February 10
09:19 2015
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The heart of the WIS compressor.

The heart of the WIS compressor.

The technology of the water-injected screw compressor has been around for some time as an option for genuine oil-free air. However, in the last few years, there have been a number of advancements which now make it the most economic option – both in capital outlay and in running costs.

When your air has to be 100% pure oil-free guaranteed, without the need for filters or catalytic convertors, then you should be looking at a compressor whose air is rated Class 0 ISO 8573-1, with absolutely no oil carry-over to contaminate your product. The only solution is to a machine where the output is totally pure at source.

Just Add Water

There are two alternative technologies available – the dry-screw and the water-injected screw. The former is more costly in capital outlay and in running costs. Heat generated in compression means loss of efficiency to generate the correct volumes of air needed – meaning less air delivery per kW used.

Thanks to the superior cooling capability of water, the new Worthington Creyssensac WIS range removes the heat efficiently at source, meaning that more air per kW is generated.

The largest cost in owning and operating a compressor is in the electricity used to power it – well over 70% of the lifetime costs. Any reduction which can be achieved in usage here can be significant and the Water-injected Screw shows that around 20% less power is needed to generate similar volumes of air.

Savings in wear and maintenance come from an aluminium bronze element housing which gives added strength and durability and the hydrodynamic bearings that ensure long life. Reverse osmosis ensures a constant supply of high quality water, avoiding corrosion and bacteria growth. Service is only required every 4000 running hours.

Not Just Oil-free

Whatever solution you need for your business process, Worthington have the right compressor for you. For more details contact Worthington Creyssensac on Tel +44 (0)1925 817803, E-mail or visit

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