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Wixon to Showcase Wix-Fresh Technologies for Healthier Meat

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Wixon to Showcase Wix-Fresh Technologies for Healthier Meat

February 08
14:30 2013
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Visitors to Wixon’s booth will be served samples of the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sausage Breakfast Stick, as well as the Reduced Sodium Pork and Beef Marinara & Asiago Meatballs.

The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sausage Breakfast Stick is ideal for “on-the go” and health-conscious appetites. Featuring 80% lean pork and made with real eggs that you can actually see in the stick, the snack is developed using Wix-Fresh technologies. Wix-Fresh OatMax increases moisture retention, shelf-life, and overall savory notes, while reducing the warmed-over flavor often found in pre-cooked meats. Wix-Fresh MinerMax provides antioxidant benefits, enhances savory notes, and masks metallic flavors. Wixon’s Country-Style Breakfast flavor gives the snack stick a traditional taste.

The Reduced Sodium Pork and Beef Marinara & Asiago Meatball is formulated with the all-natural Wix-Fresh Reduced Sodium System (RSS) for a classic salty taste. RSS has been specifically designed for the meat and poultry industry and positively impacts flavor without compromising on functionality. Sodium is reduced by nearly 40% from that of standard ready-to-eat meatballs. The meatball also features Wixon’s Zesti Marinara & Asiago flavor system.

“We look forward to showcasing Wixon’s protein and flavor technology expertise at the Annual Meat Conference,” says Ron Ratz, director of protein development for Wixon. “This is an opportunity for industry visitors to sample new, healthy, and on-trend flavors, including technologies that they can apply to their own protein products.”

The new products were developed in Wixon’s Meat and Poultry Pilot Plant by the company’s Protein division. Staffed by meat scientists, flavor chemists, food technologists, and analytical and quality experts, the team is adept at everything from ideation and R&D to flavor mapping and product prototypes. Wixon’s customized protein seasonings and flavor systems can be used in a variety of meat products, including rubs, marinades, breadings and batters, gravies, dipping sauces, and more.

The Pilot Plant includes processing equipment, which enables production of finished products for immediate prototyping and testing, including tumblers, automated injector system, grinders, stuffers, patty makers, steam kettle, vacuum packaging, retail tray overwrap unit, breading and batter capabilities, walk-in freezers/coolers, chilled processing room, smokehouse, and linear cook capabilities. An in-house regulatory department counsels on appropriate adherence from label requirements to nutritional content.

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