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WNB to Provide more Sweeteners for the Market

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WNB to Provide more Sweeteners for the Market

July 06
10:17 2016
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WNBThere is a growing demand for products that are reduced or sugar free, according to Wisdom Natural Brands (WNB). The company says it is planning to supply manufacturers, both large and small of size, with plant-derived sweeteners, including stevia, to meet this rising demand in the market.

“Rather than have only discrete sweetener ingredients, which are the same for all manufacturers and must combine with all food and beverage preparations in the same way, we develop specific compositions of sweeteners to meet a particular manufacturing customer’s goals, ingredients, and process with a sustained, excellent taste profile,” said Sai Prakash Chaturvedula, Chief Scientific Officer of Wisdom Natural Brands. “In so doing, each sweetener formulation can become specific to that manufacturer, and no other company will have the exact sweetness formula as another.”

With the popularity of natural sweeteners used as ingredients in manufactured products, WNB says it has seen an increase of over 25% in manufacturer requests for proprietary sweetener formulations. Recently, the Health and Human Services (HHS) recommendation states that Americans reduce the amount of sugar to 10% or less of all calories in their diets, Prakash expects that number to continue increasing as more brands and manufacturers strive to find new ways to reduce or eliminate added sugars in their products.

Prakash and his associate Rao Svereni say they have decades of experience with stevia, monk fruit, and other conventional and organic sweeteners, including various sugars, which can be utilised and combined into proprietary formulations, if so desired. WNB notes that it provides complete support throughout formulation and product development and can perform qualitative and quantitative analyses, and testing on both raw materials and finished products, as well as degradant stability, solubility, and shelf life studies, along with product applications.

WNB consumer package goods include SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener and Wisdom of the Ancients energizing herbal teas. The company also says it provides uniquely formulated conventional and organic sweetening options to enhance the flavour of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements.

Wisdom Natural Brands was founded by James May and has been in the industry for over 25 years. WNB is the parent company of two brands: SweetLeaf Sweetener and Wisdom of the Ancients tea. The company is head-quartered in Arizona.

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