Evergreen Packaging launches new SmartPak cartons

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Evergreen Packaging launches new SmartPak cartons

May 23
14:14 2016
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SmartPak-4-SAMPLES_ozUSUS-based Evergreen Packaging has introduced SmartPak cartons in 40oz, 48oz, 52oz and 59oz size options, providing benefits for brands in terms of branding, sustainability, transportation and storage efficiencies.

The design provides good pouring control for all ages and easily stores inside the refrigerator door and top shelf, Evergreen Packaging said. Like all of Evergreen Packaging’s cartons, the SmartPak carton helps protect product flavour, nutrients, and vitamins. It has been developed to address a shift in consumer demand towards a broader range of packaging sizes, as research shows that the average number of people in a household has fallen in recent years and the need for more size options has risen.

SmartPak cartons are part of Evergreen Packaging’s FreshHouse line of cartons, designed to offer advantages in renewability, recyclability and reliability. Evergreen Packaging’s cartons are made of more than 70% paper. The paper used in FreshHouse cartons is sourced from forests where responsible forestry practices are used and where overall growth exceeds harvest. The FreshHouse cartons are recyclable for over 58% of US households.

Evergreen Packaging vice-president of sales Greg Otto said: “Evergreen Packaging SmartPak cartons provide advantages in shelf space optimisation, product differentiation and distribution efficiency while also tying into current consumer trends of smaller households, growing beverage options and increasingly eco-conscious shoppers. We are committed to being a resourceful partner to our clients by introducing new products like SmartPak Cartons that benefit processors, retailers and consumers alike.”

The four new sizes add flexibility for positioning and promotional activity while also offering opportunities for lowering product and case costs, Evergreen Packaging said. Additionally, the new line is designed to help maximise product portfolios and increase product differentiation. The high-quality graphic real estate on the four sides of cartons allows brands to tell their story in a compelling way and engage consumers effectively. Evergreen Packaging also offers a one-time conversion for processors using certain half-gallon filling machines, allowing the flexibility to change between any of the carton packs.

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