Pesto products in a pouch trick the eye with faux canning jar design

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Pesto products in a pouch trick the eye with faux canning jar design

May 15
09:21 2013
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Artisanal foods manufacturer Le Grand of St-Joseph-du-Lac, Quebec, has become known for its pesto products that come in a pouch. Their newest offering is disguised in a deceptively realistic old-fashioned canning jar, complete withFaux Canning-rrr .jpg a hand-lettered tag attached with a cord. “It’s become a significant brand identifier,” explained Chris Shadbolt, vp of sales and marketing for Le Grand. “Our switch to stand-up pouches over the last several years has enabled us to design amazingly eye-catching packaging. And the pouches do an excellent job of keeping our preservative-free pesto and sauce recipes fresh and delicious.”

The savory pesto and aromatic pasta sauces by Le Grand are a perfect fit for the creative collaborators at Flair Flexible Packaging, the manufacturers of the faux canning jar shape. Shadbolt explained, “The vibrant imagery of the package ensures our customer that our new dairy-free vegan creamy pasta sauce, known in Canadian markets as rosée, will be equally dynamic. The rounded shape when filled, and the almost three-dimensional optical illusion of the tied tag and cord make people look twice. That means our packaging is doing its job perfectly-grabbing people’s attention.”

The 300-mL stand-up microwaveable pouch features a die-cut tear-off cap with crisp photo-quality graphics. The three-layer laminated structure is formulated to minimize oxygen transfer and maximize product freshness and shelf life.

The dairy-free vegan creamy pasta sauce (rosée) was launched in Canadian markets in February and is expected on American shelves in September.

As packaging consultants, designers and producers, the team at Flair Flexible Packaging works with customers to determine flexible packaging designs to meet any given product’s size, temperature and production requirements. More information is available at www.flairpackaging.com or by calling (920) 574-3121 from within the United States or (403) 207-3226 from within Canada.

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